When OUAI first launched I wasn’t too interested in their products because I thought they were going to be gimmicky and underwhelming, but then I actually tried them and I did a 360. Here are a few of my favorite OUAI products and why!


It goes without saying, this is one of their best sellers, but why? Is it really that good? Yeah, it’s pretty special! I love how it adds a lot of volume and oomph to the hair. It smells like North Bondi (one of their permanent perfumes now!) and it packs such a big punch! Love the pricepoint and the result. I can always trust this when my hair is looking flat and lifeless.


This wave spray is my favorite wave spray because it doesn’t have any salt yet it gives me the most perfect waves every single time with incredible hold but without any of the crunch. I really dig this one because well it smells like North Bondi and because it really works in my favor and it never throws me under the bust like most of the other wave/salt sprays. I like to rough dry my hair with my Dyson and then spray this throughout and put it in a low bun and when I let my hair down it’s the most beautiful finish. Almost looks like a blowout!


This is the only mousse I will use on my hair. I use a couple of pumps when my hair is dry and then just let it air dry (as indicated from the actual name) and it gives you a lot of wave definition without dehydrating the hair. It actually leaves the hair touchable and soft instead of crunchy. I have a travel size version of this and always have it with me when on vacation because it’s such a time saver!


This has become one of my favorite scrubs. It’s so easy to use and it’s actually really hydrating. The scrub dissolves on the skin but stays in formation long enough to give you a good scrub. It’s never stripping and it smells very subtle and has a soothing effect. It emulsifies enough to give you some bubbles which makes me feel like shower gel isn’t necessary after using it. A little bit goes a long way too! Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me as a scalp scrub, so I have nothing to add to that aspect of the product but I know others who love it for their hair.


This is my one true obsession from the entire line. I cannot get enough of this product. I’ve been using it all summer and I have a few more uses to go and savoring them. This is a definite repurchase. It makes ALL the difference in my hair washing routine. Because it comes in a squeeze tube I am more inclined to use it since it’s 100x faster and easier. The real reason though is the fact that it leaves my hair perfectly silky and I always have less frizz and more manageable and defined waves when I use it. Must-have 100%.


Lastly, the matte pomade is such a handy little guy. I only need to use a teeny bit and it gets rid of any flyaways immediately. I’ve also used it on my ends when their frizzy to give them a more controlled look and it works perfectly. The other way I like to use it is to smooth the top of my head when I do a sleeked back bun or pony. It’s perfect for that and it leaves a beautiful finish because it’s matte. So useful and small but mighty!

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