I have quite the love affair with lip products, but I haven’t had this much excitement for a lip gloss type product in a while. The Rodin Lip & Cheek Oils are definitely very unique in formula and color selection.


These feel so good on the lips. Immediately feel nourishing, never sticky, they glide on effortlessly, and the color goes on semi-sheer to give the colors a beautiful tint that complements the natural color of the lips.

I found that they are super long-lasting in hydrating the lips and whenever I did have some chaps they smoothed them over without leaving any patchy spots behind.

This is probably the best thing about these. They feel like second skin but pack a lot of shine and the perfect amount of color.


This limited edition packaging featuring different puppy dogs is incredibly irresistible as well as adorable but in a chic way. The applicator is soft and deposits the right amount of product and has nice curves to go around the lips in all the different crevices without making a mess.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend these enough! I think all the colors are gorgeous but my favorite has got to be Berry Baci. It’s a beautiful brownish berry with a lovely finish that leaves my lips looking so plump.

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