This summer it seems like every single brand decided to launch a foundation. One of the most anticipated launches was the one from Pat McGrath with her Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation. Everything sounded like a dream on paper so I knew I had to order it and try it for myself. I’ve been testing for a month and here are my thoughts.


This is a very liquidy, runny foundation that goes one smoothly. It contains a high amount of alcohol, glycerine, silicone and diamond powder.


The finish is very natural and goes on to mimic the texture of the skin. It’s very real-life like and there is medium coverage that can be slightly built up. I wouldn’t recommend more than two layers.


I apply one pump to the back of my hand and then with my fingers all over the face. I’m only able to do this when I’ve used a very hydrating serum like my favorite Paula’s Choice Triple Algae. Sunscreens I’ve used have been the Supergoop Unseen and Zincscreen as well as the Krave Beauty Beet Shield. The blendability is better when there’s something more slippery underneath. I then go over it with the beauty blender sponge to blend any edges.


Here’s where the problems begin. After 2-3 hours this leaves me looking and feeling like a greaseball. No matter how much powder I’ve used, or setting spray, or different blush or sunscreen. It always ends up being tacky and too oily. Now I have very oily skin and I live in an extremely humid climate. I believe if I would wear this in a dryer climate it would hold up much better!


I love the finish, the packaging, and the color of this foundation but for the price point ($68) I feel like the longevity could have been tons better. I would love to see this in a non-transferable type reformulation. Like Double Wear but by Pat. That would be worth this price point. I think people with dryer skin would love this and thrive!