What is it?

This beautiful balm cleanser is made of olive oil, squalane and cucumber extract. Free of fragrance, alcohol, and doesn’t really have any surfactants. Amazingly gentle, very effective in breaking down makeup, but definitely needs a second cleanse.

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How do you use it?

I use this only as a first cleanse to remove makeup and it has never irritated, congested or dried my skin. I use a small spatula to grab the product. With dry hands and a dry face, scoop some of the product and rub between palms to warm it up. Apply with circular motions to the face and concentrate around the eyes, nose, chin, etc. It won’t sting the eyes no matter how long you massage. Rinse off with lukewarm water and follow immediately with a water-based cleanser of your choice.

Would I repurchase?

I would definitely repurchase if I was in the market for a balm cleanser again. It’s a beautiful balm with pure ingredients.

Packaging: Great | Price: $32 | Rating: 5/5